​We like to say that AngelFire Ammo started in a shoebox. However, it actually started in the basement of our production manager, Scott in 2011. He named the company in honor of his daughter ... his Angel.


AngelFire eventually caught the eye of Patriot Outfitters, who purchased the company from Scott in 2014, bringing him on to serve as their production manager. It was still, for a short time, a one-man operation. Before long though, we were purchasing commercial-grade loading equipment and hiring help.

By the spring of 2016, we had a team of inspectors, machine operators, an office monkey, a couple sponsored shooters and Scott leading the way (we even had a guy to come in and clean the shop on the weekends). Our reputation for providing a top-shelf product and stellar customer service was spreading.


In 2017, when other ammunition manufacturers furloughed employees, laid people off, or closed their doors altogether, AngelFire Ammo continued to expand.


Also in 2017 AngelFire was asked to official ammunition sponsor the 2017 PDN Training Tour as well as the 2017 Fort Sill Multigun Championship and the 2017 Fallen Brethren 3Gun Challenge and quickly became the fastest-growing ammunition in the competitive shooting market.


Though we entered 2020 with the hope of continuing to expand our influence within the shooting community, the world had different plans. With the 2020 election looming, riots in the streets, and a virus from China changing the way Americans did ... well ... everything ... toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and ammunition all vanished. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer came back. Ammo did not. In fact, the pressure on AngelFire (and every other ammunition manufacturer) from shooters continues to exceed our ability to produce even a fraction of the demand.


Because of this, we have - as a general rule - not sold directly to the general public since April of 2020, instead allowing our established dealers to serve the individual shooter.


While we would very much like to return to serving the general public directly, the already-broken ammunition supply chain continues to deteriorate while demand continues to increase. With this, there is no possible way to even begin forecasting a return to normal.


We appreciate and continue to ask for your patience as we do our best to make it through this unprecedented time.


915 Jesuit Ln, St Marys, KS 66536, USA

(785) 321-3226

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