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The AngelFire Guarantee

Simply put, AngelFire ammunition is guaranteed to go "BANG!" every time you pull the trigger. If you have a failure-to-fire while using AngelFire ammunition, we'll make it right by sending you a whole new 50-round box.

A couple caveats, however:

1) Because there are many firearms-related issues that could cause a "failure to feed" it's possible that a failure to feed issue may not be covered by the guarantee.

2) This guarantee is on a per-incident basis, not a per-round basis. If you were to experience a string of misfires out of a batch of AngelFire Ammo, you will not receive a box of 50 rounds for each round that failed to fire. You will receive either a box of 50 or an equivalent credit.

If you believe you have experienced a qualifying issue, let us know. We'll take care of you.