The AngelFire Process


Making the finest remanufactured ammunition on the planet starts with sourcing the finest components available. Sure, we could save a little money if we used the most commonly available components - the components most other manufacturers our size use. But AngelFire woudn't be as good as it is ... and you'd notice.


Sourcing the finest components available and using industrial-grade machinery wouldn't mean a thing if we didn't have highly skilled operators at the controls. At AngelFire, our production team has decades of product development and manufacturing experience ... and it shows.


Unlike many many ammunition manufacturers our size, whose product goes directly from the machine to the box without so much as a glance, AngelFire rigorously inspects and chamber-checks each and every round before it's packed and labeled with a detailed component-specific lot code.

GUARANTEE IT ... 5000%

At AngelFire, we know what it means to work for a living, and we know that you want some reassurance that your money is well spent. That's why we offer AngelFire's Brass-Clad Performance Guarantee. If you ever have an ammunition-related failure, we'll replace your defective ammo with a 50-round box. Just bring your defective round to the dealer from which you purchased your AngelFire Ammo, and they'll take care of you.